Smart tint car

Switchable privacy film for cars available at SmartTint. Instant provacy with the click of a switch. ALL PRECUT 2PLY DYED WINDOW TINT KIT COMPUTER CUT GLASS FILM CAR ANY SHADE d (Fits: Smart ). Smart Tint is the next generation in switchable privacy glass.

Full Car Variable Tints with Auto Privacy – ELECTROCHROMIC TINTS.

Electric Auto Tinting Glass. Related Searches: pdlc switchable smart tint tinted glass smart pdlc smart tint smoke x mirror smart pdlc tint film frosted car film switchable smart tint glass frost. SmartFilm Window Tinting Thank you so much ! Such amazing service ! I have already spread the word to everyone I . Control the level of tint and privacy.

Purchase this ready to install system that you trim to fit at the following link: shop.

Gå til Automotive – Smart glass or switchable glass is a glass or glazing whose light transmission. Continental has developed a system that can tint car windows at the push of. We are professional in your car care. Malaysia is not an ideal environment for any car. Startup View, formerly called Soladigm, introduces a dynamic glass window that tints based on building light and temperature.

For any real-world interest to gain hol smart windows need to be both. Sick of having electronic window shades shielding you from the outside? Intelligent smart glass,switchable glass,magic glass,electric privacy glass, switchable privacy glass for showroom,curved smart glass.

Yes, smart tint film is ideal for applying as a projection screen. Now, Kinestral has unveiled a new system of smart – tinting glass. Glass that tints itself on demand has cropped up in sunglasses and cars , and . It have self adhensive characteristics. Product Characteristic: 1. High Quality PET Film 2. Visible Light Transmission: – 3.

We pride ourselves on providing a flexible fully mobile vehicle and car window tinting. Projected smart glass global revenues of $4. It occupies a shoplot at I-Avenue in Sungai Nibong.

I live in NY and as of January 1st we are no longer allowed to have tint on our cars any less than (which is not evn noticeable).