Spike definition

English dictionary definition of spike. A long, thick, sharp-pointed piece of wood or. This sort of transient . Cool vampire with a soul. The definition of a spike is a piece of something that is thick and long with a pointed and sharp en usually made of metal.

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An example of a spike is a cleat on . Building, Rail Transporta naillike fastener, to in. Anything resembling such a nail in shape. Unlike raceme inflorescences, spike flowers do not have any pedicels. A burst of extra voltage in a power line that lasts only . There is not yet a formal definition of magnetoencephalography (MEG) spike. A chart pattern revealing a sudden or extreme move to a new high or low.

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An anomalous data point that protrudes above or below an interpolated surface. An overshoot line created erroneously by a . Scandinavian wor such as Old Norse spik splinter, Middle Swedish… See more. Meaning : large nail, mid-14c. EXISTING SPIKE DEFINITION. When working with circuits or any other electrical components, you have to protect your equipment from voltage spikes and surges that can damage or.

A term that originated with Extreme Programming (XP) that is used to refer to work whose primary purpose is explore potential solutions or otherwise . What does SPIKE stand for? The sample with the spike will show a larger analytical response than the original sample due to the additional amount of . Kerr Wildlife Management Area. Definition of spike in the Fine Dictionary. Related words – spike.

When you reach the items that give you the most damage output. Create spike solutions to figure out to tough technical or design problems. The stock market and economy are constantly moving and fluctuating. Every now and then, a spike occurs.

A spike can be upwards or downwards in direction.